Replacing Siding On Your RV

When it comes to replacing siding on an RV on the house, many people get stuck in the train of thought that they have to hire some big company to come out to do the job. While it may be convenient to do that, not everyone has that kind of cash simply lying around the house. The biggest expense of having a company replace everything is the labor itself. The materials might cost a couple of thousand dollars, but that would only be a small fraction of the total cost to have a company come out to do the work for you.

You can, in fact, replace siding on an RV. First, you need to decide whether you are replacing all of it or just small sections. If everything appears to be in good shape and you just have a couple of pieces that are missing or broken, you can replace those without replacing everything. This, of course, would be the much cheaper route. However, if you have aluminum in your house, you will want to replace it all.

New blue siding replacedTo help cut down on your total expense for this update, you will want to take the aluminum to a scrap yard and cash it in. Depending on the amount of aluminum and the current pay out amounts, you could be looking at receiving a couple of hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars. This is a lot of money to get back. You can apply that directly to the purchase of your new siding. This way, the total cost of it all will be a little easier to handle. Also, you would be recycling which is a great thing all on its own.

Before you start the job, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need as far as materials. You also want to make sure that you have another person working with you. Ladder climbing is going to be involved, and it is not safe to do this alone in case of an accident. Even if the person hanging around can do nothing more than keeping an eye out on you, that is better than being alone.

You will also want to realize that this is not a one day job. Doing this yourself could take a week or two weeks depending on your skill and how quickly you move. Of course, you do not want to rush the job, but you also do not want to take forever as you leave half of your house exposed to the elements. You want to keep moving until the job is complete.

Once it is all said and done you will look back and realize that it was not as hard as you first thought. You will have saved yourself an incredible amount of money, and you will be able to take pride in knowing that you did it yourself.