Replacing Windows in an RV

Before embarking on the project of replacing your window in an RV, there are a few things you should make sure you are clear on. Which include the following: You must have a clear budget in mind and make sure you stick to your guns, do not waiver or compromise: perform the necessary research you need on different contracting companies if you intend on using that route; at least have details of no less than three separate quotations: when you are doing your research you should request free in house estimates; avoid by all means making decisions on the spot; give yourself at least two days to look over the different the quotations from the companies; pick one and then clearly state how you want your replacement window installed and find out on their warranty policy and if there are any deals relating to tax credit when installing new energy efficient windows.

How to Replace A Window in an RV?

Well, you can as mentioned earlier go with the do it yourself method. This is an option with the advantage of saving you a substantial amount of money. But then there is the opportunity cost that also has to be factored in. You can expect to take about roughly four to six hours to install a window of average size on the ground floor (note time increases exponentially if it’s not being installed on the first floor). Money spent on this project can be estimated to be between $500.00 to $600.00. If you are for instance putting in a high performance 36 by 54-inch wood insert replacement window. The project may not be rocket science, but it’s no child’s play either: it requires at least an average amount of carpentry expertise and remodeling homes experience, the installation process is made relatively easier if the window being installed is on the ground making it readily available from the outside of the house.

But there is the issue that if you go on about this tasks yourself without the assistance of a professional contractor, you will end up with an average looking job. Though it may seem like you would have saved money, in true essence, in the long run, it is not worth it. There is too much unnecessary stress arising from frustration which is noted by most who take the do it yourself route. The is also time consumed doing this task, especially if the window is not on the ground floor and back and forth movement due to the window not being the right size; which is one of the many problems noted by reviewers who have tried this before and the is the risk of applying to much-expanding form which will move the frame in the long run.

The Best Way to Replace A Window in an RV

With the above in mind, I would recommend that you hire the services of a contractor. A contracting company that has received good ratings and reviews, that knows very well how to replace a window. The amount you save in the long run dwarfs that you will spend doing the job yourself. There is also the feeling you will get when you see the perfectly installed window… priceless.

I hope you will seek the assistance of a professional contracting company on how to replace a window. You can read more on the additional information section of this publication on what you need to know when looking for a contracting company that is reliable.


• You can use the do it yourself method when you want to replace a window though it is not recommended.

• You can expect you do it yourself project to take roughly four to six hours and cost around $500.00 to $600.00.

• Though you may save money doing it yourself, the cost, in the long run, is not worth it.

• Employ the services of a contractor to save you time, money and a lot of stress.

Additional Information

When looking for a window contractor or replacement windows company make sure that you use word of mouth as your basis of the search. Ask around friends, family, and people in your immediate circle for references on people who conducted the job for them. Make a request for a portfolio and ask for references, make sure your contractor possesses diverse experiences and ensure that they are well aware of all safety precautions.