Space Saving ideas to maximize the use of your RV

Proper organization and storage can turn a cluttered and stuffed RV into a well cared for and prestigious camping vehicle, and to be honest following these six steps can truly change your RV experience.

How to maximize space in an RV

We all know that the biggest challenge on a cross country RV tour is finding the room for everything you think you may need.  And this problem boils down to the simple task of organization. Because of the limited space in an RV, it’s far too easy for clutter to become overwhelming. Continue reading to see how you can carry all the stuff you want in your existing RV through organizational skills.


Take a one time inventory and toss what you truly don’t need

The first step to solving a problem, is to recognize that there is one! Take the time and make a list of all the items that you currently have in your RV and write down everything. If necessary break it down into a list of things that work and things that could use repair.

This will help define what is important or if you are transporting duplicates.

As you continue to make your way through all of your RVing stuff, make a note of all the stuff that you haven’t used on the last 2-3 trips. If you really don’t need it, now’s the time to take it out.

Ask yourself some tough questions like: Do you need all of these clothes? Do you need all of the plates, cups, and silverware? When’s the last time you read through some of the books or magazines in the back?

A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, put it in storage somewhere else.

It may be a good idea to do a thorough clean before summer and before winter. In most cases there are specific items for each season that may be just taking up space.

Use our inventory Checklist here:

RV Space Saving Checklist and Inventory – Copy


Organize what is valuable and used into its own area

If you ever look at clutter, you’ll notice that it’s never a large item like a stove, microwave, or refrigerator that is taking up space and causing clutter. In most cases, it’s the small items lying around. This could range from, clothing, books, plates and bowls, fishing gear, extra shoes, or other nick nacks. These items should be accounted for on the list you should have just made, and be categorized into its own storage space. Remember the 12 month rule. If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, find a new spot for it!

Create a spot for specific categories of items, like entertainment, outdoor gear, loose change and keys, etc.

Organize the bathroom

The bathroom is notorious for have a large number of small sized items. Get a small bathroom organizer to keep track of soap, shampoo, shaving, and other bathroom accessories. This will keep all of the critical bathroom items in one easy to use location. The other option is to get an organizer that hangs on the wall or the back of the bathroom door. These items allow for personal items, toiletries, and other specific items to be compartmentalized and easy to access.

Organize the kitchen  

Kitchens are always prone to clutter because it is one of the most used rooms in the RV. Items in use range from cooking utensils, to food, and even cleaning supplies. The real challenge is to find ways to store and match different types of storage ideas. In our RV we have a magnetic rack to hold many of the cooking utensils as well as a cabinet to store cups, plates, and other sharp objects. Then the space underneath the sink is perfect for a small trash bag as well as other cleaning supplies.


Storage bins, Storage bins, and more storage bins

If you’re struggling to group items into categories and store them away, try buying multiple smaller storage bins with multiple drawers. These drawers and shelves provide excellent organization in a compact space. You can even go as far as labeling them so you know that you will always go back and place the same items in the same spot. These can be used to store clothing, utensils, food, tools, and emergency equipment. Bottom line, storage bins are an excellent way to stay organized.


Foldable Items for Compact Storage and use

If you’re really tight on space to using foldable items. These can be packed up and stored when not in use. Foldable items can refer to tables, chairs, beds, and even bags or backpacks.