Best RV Resorts in Michigan

Map of Michigan
Map of RV Resorts in Michigan (Top 3)

One of our readers, Jason, asked us to compile a list of some of our favorite RV resorts in Michigan, and because I spent about 3 years living in Michigan, I am happy to help one of our readers out.

So during my stint as a general contractor, I was working in various parts of Michigan, where I frequently traveled between Hopkins, Manistee, and Mount Pleasant. All of these places had a gorgeous RV park, where I stayed and worked.  While I was at each of them I rated them based upon how well the restrooms and showers were, the overall facility and surrounding area, and lastly, a fudge factor I call appeal.  The appeal factor is more of less how apt I am to visit the parks again.  So keep reading to see how these parks stand up against each other.

Top 3 RV Resorts in Michigan

Number 1: Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Park in Mount Pleasant Michigan

While I was working there, the bathrooms and shower facilities were absolutely stunning.  They all had automatic soap dispensers for both body-wash as well as shampoo.  Throughout their 67 RV campsites, there were common areas every quarter mile where other campers would have pick-nicks, small fires, and snacks.  The community is fantastic and always changing because it is a very popular vacation resort as well. They boats swimming pools and hot tubs for their guests.

For the best RV experience I highly recommend the Soaring Eagle Park.  They describe themselves the following way:

The Soaring Eagle Park describes itself on its website as:

“The Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Park includes 67 RV lots. Each has water, sewer, and electricity hook-ups as well as concrete pads, fire pits, picnic tables, and free Wi-Fi access. The park is situated on a 42-acre lake that is perfect for water activities and fishing. Plus, visitors can enjoy a clubhouse, walking trails, convenient laundry facilities, and a playground. Access to the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel’s hotel pool, steam shower, hot tub, sauna, fitness center, Nbakade Restaurant, and Cyber Quest arcade is also available (indoor waterpark admission not included.)”


Number 2: Hidden Ridge RV Resort in Hopkins Michigan

I only had a brief stay in Hopkins, and that is perhaps why this park is ranking second, because I haven’t had the emotional attachment like I did in Mount Pleasant. This park is as gorgeous as anyother place in Michigan.  I came to this area to do some window repair work, and never had the opportunity to enjoy their heated pool, but I hear it is wonderful.  I have however; played basketball at their private courts and at night I would enjoy the beautiful lake view.

The Hidden Ridge describes itself on its website as:

“Hidden Ridge RV resort offers the best in privacy and comfort with first-class amenities at your fingertips.  Regardless of your passion or pace, our resort has something for every family member from child to grandparents. Located at 2306 12th Street in Hopkins, MI. Hidden Ridge RV Resort is a seasonal campground, open from April through October, with premium amenities and accommodations that families simply cannot find elsewhere.”


Number 3: Little River Casino Resort RV Park

Little River, is by far my favorite campground to visit, because on occasion I enjoy a bit of gambling.  So this RV resort outside of a reservation is a great place to enjoy some low stakes games and a wonderful dinner. I will say that the restrooms when I was there were out of toilet paper and I had to bring my own.  Aside from that this is both an RV resort as well as a hotel/casino.  If you are looking for a RV resort which has wonderful restaurants and a nightlife, this is for you.  However, I often find that the most serene campgrounds are the ones which have the attractions outdoors, for its guests to explore and adventure.  Nevertheless, this is a beautiful resort which I highly recommend.